Create Clean, Compelling Landing Pages that Grow Facebook Messenger Contacts

We all want to drive more leads to our conversion funnels.

Build landing pages for your offer with the easy landing page creator and get more upside than traditional landing pages — Facebook Messenger contacts you can message!

Create and edit landing page content and design, without ever writing a single line of code to do things like:

  • Announce a sale or promotion
  • Invite people to subscribe to newsletter updates
  • Announce a webinar and invite people to sign up via Messenger
  • Invite users to take a survey

The possibilities for your landing pages and chatbot conversion funnels are endless, easy to execute and convert more Messenger leads! Landing Pages In Your Control

You don’t have to code anything or wait for someone else to code something next time you need a campaign landing page.

You can create landing pages on the fly, as fast as you need them.

Those custom landing pages will then direct customers to Facebook Messenger — where you have a chatbot waiting!

How to Create a Landing Page within

Here’s exactly how you can use to create a relevant, compelling landing page in minutes.

First, click “Landing Pages” and then select “New Landing Page.” (Makes sense!)


Next up, you’ll get this default landing page, which you then can customize:

design and detail custom facebook messenger landing page

Within “Details” and “Design” you can customize the landing page from text to image, colors to URL to create a completely unique experience for any offer.

You’ll be able to tailor each landing page’s header, body content, image, design and URL.

A landing page sends people to an engaging Facebook Messenger chatbot where they can perform any action. Here’s an example webinar sign-up landing page:

custom landing page

  1. We chose a complimentary background color.
  2. We uploaded a custom image to display at the top of the page.
  3. We optimized the header text.
  4. We added relevant, compelling body content.
  5. We point to a Facebook Messenger chatbot where the user can sign-up in a mobile-friendly and engaging chatbot experience!

Simple, easy and coding-free — and the result is a clean, compelling landing page.

See the landing page we created for the webinar here!

Fast, Free and Easy Landing Pages with

Every landing page you create within will drive users to a conversation with your business on Facebook Messenger.

The result?

Increased Facebook Messenger contacts and the ability to connect with those contacts in new and more relevant ways.

Provide a Seamless Experience from
Landing Page to Facebook Messenger!

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