Drip Campaigns for Messenger Automate Audience Engagement with Better Visibility Than Email

When you’re selling a solution where a little help goes a long way to keeping leads active and engaged, enter drip campaigns!

Marketers rely on drip campaigns to:

  • Welcome and onboard customers
  • Keep leads engaged with the brand
  • Activate use of sophisticated solutions
  • Leverage automation to communicate at scale

Drip campaigns in email aren’t new. But Facebook Messenger brings drip campaigns to the next level via higher open rates and superior engagement. Plus it’s so easy to do with a free chatbot in Customers.ai!

Add Messenger Drip Campaigns to Your Mix
for an Engaging New Spin on a Marketing Power Tool

Audience-Based Messenger Drip Campaigns Welcome, Onboard and Engage

We love drip campaigns. They’re key to selling solutions that:

  • Have a learning curve
  • Benefit from training
  • Require onboarding

And drip campaigns are a powerful tool for keeping active customers engaged as you continue to send them valuable, relevant content.

You might want to welcome new audience members with an introduction to your brand and content:

welcome agency drip campaign

And send a follow-up message the next day with a tip that inspires them to take the next step with your solution:

tip 1 agency messenger drip campaign

Dream up drip sequences along every part of your customer journey. Drip campaigns automate messaging for every member of your audience as they join, from minute 1 to forever.

Design campaigns that nurture your key audience segments, whether they came in from an ad or webinar, are top of the funnel or using your product on the regular.

Facebook Messenger Drip Campaigns Are So Easy to Set Up

Launch your Messenger drip campaign in Customers.ai in 3 steps!

  1. Create chat pages.
  2. Assign an audience.
  3. Schedule the drips!

Step 1: Build chat pages for the campaign.

Just like email drip campaigns, start your drip campaigns for Facebook Messenger by building the content.

Each piece of content for the campaign is a page you build with the wizzywig drag-and-drop chatbot editor.

For instance, here’s a page welcoming new members of the Agency audience segment. Add a text widget, maybe an image, GIF or video and show them where there’s more great content.

messenger drip campaign chat page content

Step 2: Assign your audience using any of your variables.

Creating an audience is simple. Pick the attribute you want to make an audience segment, and save!

Step 3: Schedule the drips!

Pick your audience, content and delivery schedule from easy drop-down options.

messenger drip campaign scheduling

Drip Campaigns in Messenger See 8x Opens vs Email!

Add Facebook Messenger marketing automation to your mix. Get all the advantages of email marketing automation with 8x higher visibility in engagement!

Stay engaged and send useful content over the course of the customer lifetime with Messenger marketing automation!

Nurture Customer Relationships & Activate Users
with Drip Campaigns in Facebook Messenger!


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