Facebook Messenger Ads: What You Need to Know to Advertise on Messenger

Facebook Messenger ads were released globally in 2017. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about their effectiveness, and one thing is for sure: Facebook Messenger ads significantly outperform your average Facebook ads.

And this is especially true when compared to legacy Facebook ad examples, such as Engagement Ads and Traffic Ads.

When you compare the ROI of Facebook ads and their objectives to Facebook Messenger ads, it’s really no contest:

  • Engagement Ads: Views or likes of posts have questionable ROI.
  • Traffic Ads: Expensive clicks lead to visitors who convert at around 2%
  • Lead Ads: Captures user information but no way to immediately engage with them.

Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads
Capture Lifetime Customer Engagement!

What Are Facebook Messenger Ads?

What are Messenger ads? Facebook Messenger Ads, are a relatively new ad feature that allows users who see your ads to initiate a chat conversation with your business. Messenger ads help send people into interactive and engaging conversations with your business, which helps you drive the results that matter.

What are the types of Facebook Messenger ads?

There are two types of Facebook Messenger ad examples. Ads in Messenger include Click-to-Messenger Ads and Sponsored Message Ads. Each should be used for different purposes.

  1. Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads: Click-to-Messenger Ads work with three objectives: Messages, Traffic, and Conversions. During ad creation, you’ll create both the ad and the welcome message people see in Messenger after they click on your ad. You should use Click-to-Messenger ads to reach new audiences and to educate them about your product or service with interactive and engaging chat dialogues.
  2. Facebook Sponsored Message Ads: Messenger Sponsored Messages can be used to send promotions directly to all of your Messenger contacts list or to highly targeted segments of your Messenger contacts list. Sponsored Message ads are great for retargeting and keeping your audience up to date on the latest announcements from your business.

Facebook Messenger Ads Deliver 100% Conversion Rate

You’re already advertising on Facebook, so stop paying for low-converting website traffic or a bucket of leads that you can’t immediately interact with.

Facebook Messenger Ads: Click-to-Messenger Ads Example

Click-to-Messenger ads are super engaging. They’re always mobile-friendly. And the conversion rate is 100% because you get everyone’s contact info and can message them back via Facebook Messenger, capitalizing on Facebook Messenger marketing!

With Facebook Messenger Ads, watch your Messenger contact list climb for guaranteed ROI.

Messenger Total Contacts

You can get your Messenger ads analytics right inside of Customers.ai as well. Synced with your Facebook Ads Manager data, your Customers.ai Messenger ads analytics track the following metrics:

  • Campaign Name / Ad Set / Ad
  • Tracked Conversations
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • CPM (cost per mille / 1,000 impressions)
  • Spend
  • Conversations Started on Facebook
  • Cost Per Conversation
  • Link Clicks
  • Unique Link Clicks
  • CTR (click-through-rate)
  • Unique CTR
Facebook Messenger Ads analytics

Integrate Messenger Ads by Syncing Your Facebook Ads Manager Account or Copying & Pasting Code

Ready to learn how to get more leads from Facebook? Start by sending your Facebook ad audience into your chatbot Messenger funnel by syncing your Facebook Ads Manager account or by adding a snippet of code.

You can sync one of your existing ads created in your Facebook Ads Manager, or create a Messenger ad directly in Customers.ai, like so:

create Facebook Messenger ads

Or, you could just pick the chat page you want to send your Messenger Ad campaign traffic to, copy the code, and insert it into the “Messenger Setup” area in Facebook Ad Manager. However, we highly recommend using the sync features within Customers.ai.

Collect Facebook Messenger Contact Data and Custom Variables You Assign

With Facebook Messenger Ads and Customers.ai, you get the contact information of anyone who sends your ad a message.

Facebook Messenger contacts

You can follow-up with them, blast them, send them content based on their interests and more.

You get more user data from Facebook Messenger Ads than you will from any other ad type, on Facebook or elsewhere.

Plus you can keep adding more intel you collect the more you interact with them with custom variables.

Stay in Contact with Customers for Life via Facebook Messenger

Create a personalized 1:1 communication channel with your customers. Stay engaged with your Messenger contacts by answering questions and offering support.

So when a customer asks a question via Facebook Messenger chat, they get an immediate answer plus a person to follow-up if they want to talk.

1-on-1 communication in facebook messenger

What makes Facebook Messenger ads different from other Facebook Ads?

Facebook Messenger ads have unique advantages over other ads. Most notably about ads in Messenger, they start an engaging conversation that converts every person that clicks on them into a contact with a name, phone number, demographics, and other contact information.

Here are some of the other reasons why Messenger ads are different from your average Facebook ads:

  • You can reach people in a direct and engaging way via Messenger, automatically capture valuable lead data without asking for it, and send automated follow-up messages.
  • The post-click ad experience is optimized for mobile and happens in chat, where customers would rather connect with businesses.
  • Lead qualification and follow-ups are automated around the clock, saving your business on the cost of live chat support and sales agents.
  • The post-click experience is highly personalized and learns more about your prospects instead of making assumptions.
  • And all these benefits add up to a huge performance boost in lead volume and CPA (cost per acquisition).

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