Hot Tip! Easily Clone Facebook Messenger Chatbots & Share Bots with Others

Have a unicorn Facebook Messenger chatbot on your hands that you want to share with others?

Maybe you’ve designed a perfect bot you want to clone for another similar client or location?

Whether you’re copying your own bot for another Facebook page or want to give someone your bot to clone, it’s done in a flash in!


Clone a Facebook Messenger Bot with a Click!

It’s incredibly easy to clone bots for chatbot marketing from within a multi-page Team account.

When you create a new bot, simply chose to copy a bot from your team from the drop-down:

copy your existing bot to clone

It’s that easy.

Copy & Paste to Share a Chatbot via Permalink

Sharing a bot is a simple copy and paste job that allows others to use your bot as a starting place for their own bot or lets you to copy a bot from across companies.

Click into “More Chatbots (Advanced)” at the bottom of your dashboard to see your chatbots on the page.

more chatbots advanced

Click the button to “Share” next the bot you want to share:

click bot sharing button

This will give you a link that can be used by others to duplicate that bot for their own Facebook page.

click to copy bot link to share

Now when you or a colleague paste this link as a template for a new chatbot, the shared bot will be loaded in!

paste link to clone bot

Share Bots Across Companies

Bot sharing makes it easy to copy your Facebook Messenger chatbots across companies.

Facebook marketing agencies with multiple clients can share a chatbot with multiple clients and companies, and adjust it to custom fit each business.

There’s no need to start from scratch when you’ve already created the perfect bot to share. Or, use any of’s many free chatbot templates to start a bot using a proven formula.

You can create one bot, or customize and perfect a bot template, and then let multiple users copy the bot for their own use.

This also applies if you have businesses at multiple locations with multiple Facebook pages — you can create a single bot and share it with the social media managers of the other locations.

Share Facebook Messenger Chatbots Across Communities

Want to share your bot template outside of your company?

You can do that, too.

You’re free to share your bot template with whomever you like, and the code will work for any user.

In the private Island Facebook group, you can ask for and share the best chatbots for any industry or use case with the bot building community!

Bot Sharing Makes Life Easier for Bot Creators

If you’ve already created the perfect chatbot, why start from scratch?

That unicorn of a bot can do wonders for others, as well.

What are you waiting for?

Start designing and sharing Facebook Messenger chatbots today for free!

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