Send Messages from Your App to Contacts in Messenger Chat, SMS and Web Chat with Chatbot API

When you want your application to send a chat message or update a contact record in, use the public API.

Add Facebook, SMS and web chat bots to any application or service with the API.

The full power of a multi-channel chatbot platform is now available in your app using the chatbot API by

Communicate with your customers from where you are and where they are.

Retrieve and Update Contact Data from Your Chat Contacts via API

Connect your application to the API and now your app can do anything can do.

That includes pulling contacts: api get contacts

And updating contacts, saving as many as 10 attributes to any contact in your database: api put contacts

Send Messages in Text or Chat from Your Application

With an integration of the API, you can send automated chat messaging through your app.

Send JSON messages via chatbot: api post messages

As well as any custom chatbot dialogue in your advanced chatbot builder: api post dialogues

Plug your app into, your SMS, Facebook Messenger and web chat bots for a seamless customer communication experience.

Learn more about sending chatbot messages via API.

Retrieve or Update Contact Data & Send Chatbot Messages on Any Messaging Channel

Hook up to the chatbot API to integrate a chatbot with your app or service.

If you have an application anywhere connected to the world wide web, whether it be a IoT app, a web server, a desktop application, a mobile app — there are no limits to how you can connect your application to a chatbot using the API. 

Whatever can do, your app can do, too.

Use’s Chatbot API 
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