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TRA sees +$1 Million in new customer bookings in 6 months, 25X Return on Investment with FunnelPro sales outreach automation + RoboBDR B2C prospecting data

Success Story

To increase bookings at its family of camping resorts, Travel Resorts of America turned to’s B2C prospecting database to identify ideal resort guests, and text message high-converting resort offers that connects interested guests by phone to a live sales agent to complete more resort bookings.


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Their Story

Bringing "The Pursuit of Happiness” to families year-round

Travel Resorts of America’s family of camping resorts across the Midwest and Eastern United States is always looking to share its growing campsites to new members.

Their Goal


Travel Resorts of America (TRA) turned to to help them connect to new customers who would be served by the beautiful amenities and rich events and activities that the resort has to offer.

Their Solution

Prospecting Data & Automated Text Message Outreach

With RoboBDR™, TRA maintains a prospecting list that matches its ideal resort guest, automatically text messages potential customers with high-converting resort offers, and connects interested guests with a live sales agent to complete more resort bookings over the phone.

TRA’s campaigns are powered by RoboBDR B2C prospecting data that enables targeting by consumer interests which seamlessly connects to TRA’s customer relationship manager and to sales outreach automation platform. Finally, text message outreach campaigns connect to text-to-call forwarding to TRA’s booking call center.

Their Success

$1.4 Million incremental sales in first 6 months

Through the RoboBDR prospecting data to text message outreach, nurture, and call-forwarding to the booking call center, TRA saw a jump in new customer bookings that required an expansion to its call center!

TRA’s campaigns generated $1,000,000+ new customer bookings in the first 6 months at a return rate of 25X their marketing investment.

Tools Used

RoboBDR B2C Prospecting Database

CRM Integration

Text Message Sales Outreach

Text-to-Call Forwarding

Michael Reyes, Vice President Marketing at Trident Marketing

RoboBDR solved the biggest challenge for us: finding new customers who would love our resorts and introducing them to our campsites at the right time.

We have been able to generate momentum and scale in new bookings and memberships by unlocking the ability to target audiences by interests like travel, family activities, and RV ownership — and to connect with these guests in a streamlined sales motion.

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