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Infinite partnered with to increase foot traffic to their client’s restaurant. In just 30 days they captured 2,500 emails, saw a 50% open rate, and increased sales.

Success Story

Infinite partnered with to increase foot traffic to their client’s restaurant by capturing contacts local to the area. In the first month, their client was able to capture over 2,500 emails, generate 50%+ open rates, and increase foot traffic and sales to the venue.

Client Results


local customer emails


email open rates


increased foot traffic
Their Story

Creating the agency of the future

Infinite serves a fresh approach to some of the largest restaurant brands in the world. They are merging award-winning creative content and data-driven media strategies to create a lasting impression in an often disposable digital culture.
Their Goal

Grow in-store client revenue through future-forward marketing strategies

Working with a national restaurant chain, Infinite wanted to develop a scalable marketing campaign to boost foot traffic and in-store sales.

The goal was to demonstrate the campaign’s effectiveness through a pilot test at a single location.

By focusing on innovative and scalable promotional tactics, the aim was to increase customer visits and sales at the test site and provide a blueprint for nationwide implementation.

Their Solution

Agency partnership with

To address this challenge, Infinite entered into a strategic partnership with

By leveraging the visitor identification technology to identify website visitors located near the local test site, Infinite could create a targeted email campaign, distributing limited-time coupons to drive in-store visits.

“Thank you for the great service helping us understand the technology, how to view it, and how to deliver results. We are proud to be an Agency Partner.” -Jonathan Ogle, Co-Founder, The Infinite Agency

Their Success

More revenue and happy clients

In just 30 days, Infinite was able to see real results for their restaurant client.

Solutions Used

X-Ray Website Visitor Identification Pixel
Agency Partnership Program
Mailchimp Integration
Aryeh Kluger, Director of Digital Marketing at Infinite Agency

Partnering with really helped us help our clients. We want to use the best tools in the industry to make our brands famous. Larry’s tech made it possible for us to pinpoint exactly who we should be talking to in order to boost sales.

Larry Kim, CEO,
“Seeing Infinite use our technology to drive such impressive results was truly rewarding. Their innovative approach, combined with our data-driven solutions, led to a significant increase in foot traffic and sales, showcasing the power of targeted marketing. It’s collaborations like these that highlight the potential of our tools in the hands of creative and strategic marketers. We’re thrilled to have been a part of this success and look forward to supporting more impactful campaigns with Infinite.”

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