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Huckle Bee Farms

100% Pure Honey

Success Story

Using Super CAPI and Restore, Huckle Bee Farms saw 2x the number of sales, a 50% decrease in Facebook CPA, and a 52% improvement in Event Match Quality Score.

Meta Results


increase in sales


improvement in Event Match Quality Score 


decrease in CPA

Their Story

Saving bees and giving taste buds a treat

Huckle Bee Farms is dedicated to producing high-quality, raw honey infused with a variety of natural flavors. Their mission is to enhance the traditional honey experience by adding organic fruits and vegetables, creating unique and delightful flavors that elevate any dish.

Beyond production, Huckle Bee Farms is committed to educating the community about the vital role of pollinators and the benefits of raw honey. Through school programs and community events, they aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for bees.

With a focus on quality and innovation, Huckle Bee Farms not only provides exceptional honey but also enriches the community’s connection to nature and the importance of pollinators. Their products promise to “give your taste buds a treat” while promoting sustainability and natural goodness.

Their Goal

Increase sales and scale Meta Ads campaigns

With several Meta Ads campaigns successfully running, Huckle Bee Farms wanted to expand its audience and drive more sales through the platform. 

This meant:

  • Retargeting website visitors who hadn’t purchased
  • Lowering CPAs while increasing total sales
  • Scaling ad campaigns without hurting ROAS
Their Solutions

Super CAPI and Restore retargeting audiences

Using the Website Visitor ID X-Ray pixel and Restore, Huckle Bee Farms was able to capture and advertise to high-intent website visitors directly on the Meta platform.

Additionally, with the implementation of Super CAPI, the team was able to improve their Event Match Quality score, resulting in better audience targeting and lower CPAs. All in one month!

Their Success

More sales and lower CPAs

The partnership between Huckle Bee Farms and has produced impressive outcomes:


increase in sales


improvement in Event Match Quality Score 


decrease in CPA

Solutions Used

Super CAPI

Restore for Facebook Retargeting 

Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel

Jim Douglas, Founder, Huckle Bee Farms

“Partnering with has been a game-changer for us. Using their Super CAPI and Restore solutions, we achieved a 2x increase in sales, a 50% reduction in Facebook CPA, and a 52% improvement in Event Match Quality Score within just one week. has empowered us to reach more customers, improve our advertising efficiency, and continue our mission of producing high-quality, sustainable honey. We are excited about the ongoing success and look forward to seeing even better results.”

Larry Kim, CEO,

We’re delighted with the swift and substantial results Huckle Bee Farms is seeing. Enhancing audience targeting and retargeting high-intent website visitors have enabled Huckle Bee Farms to scale their Meta Ads campaigns effectively while decreasing costs.

At, our goal is to empower businesses like Huckle Bee Farms with advanced technology. We’re proud to support their mission to boost sales, reduce CPAs, and advocate for pollinators and sustainable honey production. We look forward to more successes together.


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