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Harvest Hosts

RV Hosting and Camping

Success Story

Using Customers.ai, they not only saw a 28% decrease in Facebook CPA, lowering the average cost from $70 to $50, but they also increased their retargeting audience as a whole by 58,000 new people in just one week!

Facebook wasn’t the only success story here. Harvest Hosts was able to add over 74,000 new emails to their list and add $125,000 in annual recurring revenue.

Meta Results


decrease in CPA


ROI on their Customers.ai cost


weekly increase in retargeting audience


decrease in customer acquisition cost 

Email Results


emails added to email list


added annual recurring membership revenue


email revenue growth

Their Story

Revolutionizing RV travel across the United States

By partnering with vineyards, farms, breweries, and other unique locales, Harvest Hosts offers RV travelers memorable overnight stays that go beyond the traditional camping spot. This innovative service not only enriches the RVing experience but also fosters a deeper connection between travelers and the local businesses they visit.

With a focus on sustainability and supporting local economies, Harvest Hosts leverages a blend of direct community engagement and cutting-edge technology to create unforgettable journeys.

Members gain exclusive access to a curated list of destinations where they can enjoy local flavors, breathtaking scenery, and authentic experiences, all while contributing to the communities they explore.

Their Goal

Drive more conversions through email and Facebook 

With a strong marketing program already in place, Harvest Hosts was ready to take their email and Facebook ad campaigns to the next level. 

When they partnered with Customers.ai, they had four primary goals:

  • Increase conversions with email
  • Grow their email newsletter
  • Improve Facebook ad performance
  • Retarget abandoned website visitors
Their Solutions

Website visitor identification and Restore retargeting audiences 

Understanding there were specific goals in mind, Harvest Hosts focused on capturing and identifying website visitors with the Customers.ai Website Visitor ID X-Ray pixel and expanding their Facebook retargeting audience with Restore.

Harvest Hosts was able to segment their audience by intent level, sending high-intent visitors directly into an email welcome series while simultaneously sending all visitors directly to Facebook retargeting campaigns. 

Their Success

Decreased CPAs and Increased ARR

The partnership between Harvest Hosts and Customers.ai has produced impressive outcomes:


new contacts added to Facebook retargeting audience in one week


added annual recurring membership revenue


emails added to email list


decrease in Facebook cost per acquisition


email revenue growth

Solutions Used

Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel

Restore for Facebook Retargeting 

Google Sheets Integration

Harvest Hosts

Working with Customers.ai has helped us up our game here at Harvest Hosts. X-Ray Pixel and the Restore feature have helped change the way we do things around here. We’re reaching more people, nailing our email game, and seeing our community grow in ways we hoped. 

It’s been awesome to see our efforts in connecting travelers with unforgettable spots across the U.S. get a major boost from Customers.ai’s tools. Definitely a partnership that’s making a difference for us.

Larry Kim, CEO, Customers.ai

At Customers.ai, we’re thrilled to witness the journey of Harvest Hosts, revolutionizing RV travel while achieving truly remarkable marketing milestones. Their ambition to deepen traveler connections and enhance their marketing efficiency resonated with our mission. 

By using Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel and Restore for Facebook Retargeting, alongside strategic email campaigns, Harvest Hosts not only expanded their community but also saw substantial growth in their retargeting audience. Both are testaments to the power of data-driven marketing solutions in unlocking new opportunities. 

It’s a proud moment for us at Customers.ai to be part of their success story, demonstrating the tangible impact of our AI-driven tools in scaling businesses and fostering meaningful engagements.


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