How to Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors Automatically

Today I’m going to show you how to capture email addresses from website visitors so you can do sales outreach and marketing re-engagement to capitalize on every opportunity for your business.

By collecting email addresses from prospects, you can transform your business’s online presence from a donkey landing page to a unicorn website that’s laser-focused on leads.

Curious what kind of results you can expect from automated email capture? The tool I’m going to show you increased’s conversion rates from 2.4% to 31.4% overnight.

Follow me on this short and sweet path to Unicorn Land:

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What is website visitor email detection (aka X-Ray)?

Meet X-Ray,’s website visitor email detection tool. It’s our proprietary data network—and it features 100s of millions of opted-in internet users.

Here’s how it works.

When any of these opted-in users visit your website, can identify them immediately. Using this data, you can jump-start an automated sales outreach campaign.

Hundreds of millions of internet users might sound like a lot. But realistically, how many website visitors can you expect to recognize and connect with?

On average, X-Ray can identify one out of every eight visitors to your website—including mobile and desktop traffic.

Why do you need website visitor email capture?

Wondering how a tool like X-Ray can benefit your business? Let’s look at three of the biggest perks.

1. Boost conversion rates

As a marketer, you spend tons of time developing and testing paid and organic offers. But your conversion rate likely averages around 2-4%—not what we’d consider unicorn results.

Let’s do the math. If a typical offer converts just 2% of your website visitors, that cancels out 98% of visitors.

In most cases you’ll never even know who they are, even though they’ve clicked on your offer, checked out your website, and shown interest in your business.

What if you design a top-tier offer that way outperforms average results? For example, say you go bananas with A/B tests and launch one of the highest converting landing pages ever.

Not so fast. Even the top 1% of landing pages have a conversion rate of about 10%. That’s 5x the industry average.

When you add X-Ray to the equation, the math totally changes. This tool can identify about 15% of your anonymous website traffic and deliver the contact information you need for follow-ups.

We think of X-Ray as a catapult for your conversion rate. It generates a massive uplift, skyrocketing conversion rates closer to 15%.

A lot of marketers get excited about 6% lift. But X-Ray can 7x your conversion rate (even if your offer is only mediocre).

2. Engage interested leads

When you’re used to a 2-4% conversion rate, you become accustomed to a lot of prospects entering your sales funnel—but very few making it all the way to the bottom of the funnel.

If you’re focusing your efforts solely on prospects who filled out your lead form, you’re ignoring the other 96-98% of visitors. That means you’re doing your business a disservice.

With X-Ray, landing page visits don’t have to be your main opportunity for lead generation. Instead, you can stop neglecting the potential leads who didn’t fill out your form—and start running more complete marketing campaigns.

Think of X-Ray as a method for harvesting low-hanging fruit. The prospects it captures are already engaged and therefore more likely to convert than targeted cold outreach.

We designed this list building tool so you can engage interested leads, keep your business top of mind, and add a critical input channel for your sales outreach. That way you can efficiently guide prospects through their customer journey.

3. Improve return on ad spend (ROAS)

Have you noticed alarmingly high cost per click (CPC) metrics and low ROAS from your Facebook and Google ads? Depending on your industry, the average CPC for paid social and pay-per-click (PPC) ads can easily top $100.

If those averages are compromising your results, X-Ray can help slash your lead acquisition costs—without the drawbacks of remarketing.

Remarketing doesn’t offer much transparency for advertisers, and ad prices have gone up 25% a quarter for the last 15 years. Plus remarketing never provides individual contact information. Instead, everyone on your remarketing list is anonymous until they convert.

On the flip side, X-Ray delivers contact info so you can follow up with prospects on a much more affordable channel. Since you can easily track email activity, you can identify unicorn leads and make your efforts count.

How to Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors: Step-by-Step Guide

Want to see X-Ray in action? I’ll walk you through the tool and show you how to follow up with unicorn prospects using

How to Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors Step #1: Install X-Ray on Your Website

First, hook up your website to X-Ray. Once you tap into our proprietary data network, this tool automatically scans website visitors against 100+ million opted-in users.

Don’t worry about keeping track of contact information from all those potential leads. X-Ray keeps a running list so you don’t have to.

How to Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors Step #2: Send targeted traffic to your site

Once you’ve hooked up our email capture tool, it’s time to start collecting email addresses on your website. You could wait for organic traffic to arrive.

But when you’re serious about generating leads, consider also driving prospects to your site using paid offers or promotions from other channels. That way you can easily identify prospects with intent.

For example, you might run a social media ad campaign or organic social content to promote your latest offer. In Facebook Ads Manager, you’d create a traffic or leads campaign to send prospects to your site.

Typically, around 2-4% of visitors will fill out the contact form on your landing page. You can rely on X-Ray to identify about a third of the visitors who clicked to visit your website or landing page.

How to Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors Step #3: Set up a Web Visitor Email Detector automation

Next, put those contact details to work. When you create an automation in, you can use your website visitor email detector as a connection point.

From the automation template, click the Add Trigger button and choose Web Visitor Email Detector. Then click to configure the connection.

To maximize email capture, you can trigger the automation from all web pages on your site. For more targeted email capturing, you can select specific URLs like the pricing page or a landing page.

Scroll down to find your website editor and grab the auto-generated code. Follow the instructions to install the code in your website’s header.

Then save the input settings and click to configure the email settings. Choose the email address(es) you want to use for connecting with website visitors.

How to Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors Step #4: Create a re-engagement sequence

Now you’re ready to re-engage website visitors. In the re-engagement automation, start adding email messages to the automation. You’ll want to connect with website visitors via a multi-email sequence, so consider the user experience and your end goal.

For example, in the first email, it’s a good idea to thank prospects for visiting your website. To boost open rates, use an attention-grabbing email subject line with first name personalization.

In the body of the email, share something of value. For example, you can link out to lead magnets, blog posts, or content upgrades.

In this example sequence, we’ll take the opportunity to highlight X-Ray. To close out the email, we’ll add a call-to-action that invites prospects to connect.

Then create a follow-up message and set it to send about a day later. As your sequence progresses, it’s helpful to create a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out (FOMO).

In this example follow-up email, we’ll remind prospects about the offer. To prompt them to act now, we’ll give them a deadline to apply for our special X-Ray promo.

Bonus: Sync Website Visitor Contact Info to Your CRM

It’s also a sales outreach best practice to sync contacts that you collected from visiting your website to your CRM or Google Sheets via a Zapier integration. From’s Integration’s menu, copy your API key to use within Zapier.

After you create an automation that triggers from with actions to sync name, email and more into your CRM in Zapier (more detailed how-to is available here), add Zapier widget to your re-engagement automation.

It’s that easy.

Discover How to Capture Email Addresses From Website Visitors and Skyrocket Conversion Rates

Just like that, you’ve achieved massive conversion rate uplift and leveraged tons of opportunities that you would have otherwise missed.

With X-Ray, you can start collecting email addresses from website visitors and re-engaging interested prospects—without having to run remarketing campaigns.

Want to test out this tool on your business? Apply to get your first 50 X-Ray contacts free and start skyrocketing your conversion rates.

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