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Often times it’s not what you know, but who you know. At we’re open to new team-ups in the marketing and MarTech space.

If affiliate earnings on revolutionary marketing software, or jaw-dropping email and ad ROI results for clients plus commissions sounds exciting to you, well, it does to us, too.

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Becoming a Affiliate is a lucrative opportunity for marketers looking to boost their earnings and enhance their influence. By partnering with us, you can earn a substantial 10% recurring commission for every referral you provide that subscribes to, with opportunities to earn higher commission rates the more you refer.

The effort required on your part can be as simple as a link on LinkedIn, an email, or a post in a Facebook group that leads to referrals and a continuous flow of commission revenue!

This isn’t a one-time payout either; you’re paid commission for the lifetime of your referral’s subscription.

Dennis Yu, CTO and founder, BlitzMetrics

It blew my mind how easy the tools were to implement. Results that used to cost $60 with PPC ads cost less than a dollar now with this service. Once I posted about how easy and powerful it is on social media and I got thousands of impressions. Now I make $10k a month as a affiliate.

Who is’s Affiliate Program For?

MarTech Bloggers
Marketing Influencers
SaaS Reviewers
Agency Owners
Local Entrepreneurs
Marketing Consultants

Website visitor identification

What marketer or business owner wouldn’t want to know who’s visiting their website.’s Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel has the industry’s highest website visitor match rate, plus every visitor contact is enriched with a consumer and B2B profile — opening up a world of powerful marketing possibilities.

Training & support

We’ll be here every step of the way to ensure that you have all the necessary resources to be successful with your promotions. Our partner managers support you with training, creative assets, and sales resources.

Earn more revenue

Earn 10% recurring commission for all customers you refer, for the lifetime of their subscription​.

How It Works

It couldn’t be easier to secure passive income and grow your brand as a affiliate.

Step 1.

Let's Meet.

Watch a short demo of the platform so you can see what we do and request your 1:1 onboarding call.

Step 2.

Start Earning.

Launch your promotions using your unique affiliate link. You’ll earn commissions for all your referred customers.

Step 3.

Grow Your Brand.

Being our partner means growing together. Affiliates are presenters at our events, expert voices on our blog, and success stories shared in our community.

Agencies & Service Partners

As a Agency Partner, you’ll stand out from other agencies by harnessing the power of’s visitor identification-fueled email and ad remarketing tools for your clients. Earn 20% recurring commission, for life, when you refer your clients to – and 15X their ROI in the process.

Plus, your agency will be featured in our preferred agency directory, and we will match your agency with new clients.

Learn More about for Agencies →

Zarak, Owner, Mailer Profit, Direct-Response Agency

We have a 100% success rate so far in terms of clients making an ROI and adding tons of new leads to their list. And we earn commission on the software subscription costs. It’s a win-win.

Technology Partners

Expand your business’ services and capabilities by becoming a Technology Partner. Whether it’s identifying ways to engage in co-marketing opportunities together, exploring a potential tool integration to enhance our collective offerings, or both – we’re always looking for ways to grow our network and foster synergistic partnerships with like-minded brands.

Erik Huberman

Erik Huberman, CEO and Founder, Hawke Media

hawke media agency logo has proven an incredible partner for expanding our services and setting our business apart in the way we consistently out-perform the competition. has opened up huge growth for us.

Let’s Partner!

Let us know who you are and what kind of partnership you’re interested in. Affiliate Program FAQs’s affiliate program is referral-based. For every member that you refer to, you get 10% of the revenue. It’s that simple.

When a user clicks through your unique affiliate link, a cookie is installed on their browser. The cookie lasts for 90 days.

Yes. All you need is this link. When someone signs up under your link, that referral is assigned to you and you alone. Your link will remain the same as long as you are an affiliate.

Don’t worry. It’s contained in your affiliate portal. You can access it at any time.

Sure! As long as it eventually tracks back to the original link, your referral is protected.

As soon as you are approved for our affiliate program, you can share your link. You will earn a commission once you reach $300 in referral commissions. Realistically, most affiliate partners are actively earning within 45 days.

No. Since has preexisting and active ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, and other major ad networks, we ask that affiliates not use paid search to increase their referrals.

Yes. You may download and use assets from this file of images of our trademark, as long as you don’t change them. Of course, use of these trademarked images is only for the affiliate partnership, and if your status as an affiliate should be discontinued, then the use of the trademarked images is discontinued as well.

That would be rare, but it could happen if you violate the terms of service. We’re sure you’re not going to do that.

Yes. Affiliates must refer subscriber(s) with combined earning commissions of $300 in order to receive a payout.

Our lawyers wouldn’t let us share that information, but we can say that there’s a wide range of income levels. Some are making a nice side income, while others are making a full-time income. Your level of success depends on how aggressively and persistently you share your referral link.
Anyone you want to. Your clients. Your colleagues. Your kids. Your pets. As long as they sign up for a paid membership with, you start earning.

Sharing your link wherever you can is the most straightforward and simple way to earn affiliate income. Because of the open-ended nature of affiliate partnerships, there is a ton of creativity in how you make your affiliate income.

No. There is no limit on your affiliate earnings.
This happens often, but don’t worry. When your referral upgrades to a paid membership, you as a partner earn a revenue share for the entire life of their membership.
Yes. As long as your referral has an active paid subscription, you will receive a share of their membership fee.
Sure. We’re happy to help our affiliate partners, but we can’t guarantee that we have the bandwidth to provide coaching and tips. At our discretion, we can provide some limited sales support, email support, and maybe even joining a call with a prospect.

Absolutely. Every affiliate partner has access to the affiliate portal. The affiliate portal includes your affiliate link, a list of your referrals, a list of paid users under you, a report of your revenue and commission, and a list of your monthly payouts.

No, but they’re the best method we have. If a user disables or clears cookie, that referral may not be tracked. If a user switches browsers or devices, then the referral may not be tracked as well.
This is for real, friend. This is for real.


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