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Marcus Tandler Reviewed My Website and Found These 7 Awful Errors to ‘Get Ryte’

Today I got a schooling from Marcus Tandler, founder of Ryte, on all the technical errors on my site. Ouch. Marcus is a man of many talents. He can scope out your critical website errors and help you treat even … juicier ailments. (Who knew he gets 1000 clicks a day to his hemorrhoid site?) Check out our live site review here.

Marcus covers a ton of ground in our 45 minutes together. But immediately after this tutorial webinar I sent these 7 site errors to my developers and content teams.

Top 7 Critical Errors on the Site Found with Ryte

1. Internal nofollow is bleeding PageRank. There are unintended nofollow links to internal pages.
2. Canonicals to other domains make no sense. Some fairly hidden pages are giving bad canonical signals to Google.
3. XML sitemap is missing pages. We’ve got a growing blog, but we’re not feeding new pages to Google.
4. Images are missing alt attributes. This is a missed opportunity to tell Google what images are about for image search ranking.
5. We link to broken external pages. Marcus calls cleaning up broken links “basic hygiene”. Is that like the hemorrhoid cream for sites?
6. We link to potentially shady pages. He found a link to a domain with a casino ad. Google can see this as a punishable offense.
7. We have broken links to internal pages. AKA user experience fail.

These 7 errors are actually the tip of the iceberg Marcus covers in this tutorial. Ryte also has a search performance report, SEO advice and content success tools which you can take a look at in our recording.

This tool is really easy to use. You go through the overview, see where you can fix things, and shoot for a score of 100%.

Just so you can see, here’s my score now:

ryte software onpage score

We’ve got a lot of work to do.

Luckily, Ryte reports can be shared and exported in every imaginable way, like PDF, URL and API.

There’s a lot more hands-on advice Marcus shares on SEO performance and content success in our 50-minute tutorial.

Email Marcus for your own free trial of Ryte with the tip he shares at the beginning of the webinar. Apparently he’s also your guy if you have priorities that are a little lower … ahem.

Give Ryte a spin on your own site.

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