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8 Marketing Automation Tools Businesses Are Using To Increase Productivity & Deliver Superior Results

If you’re not using marketing automation tools whenever possible, you’re falling behind the competition. It’s really that simple.

According to recent studies, marketing automation on average drives up to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

And in 2020, there are plenty of digital marketing tools that no longer overpromise and under-deliver. No need to sacrifice quality for quantity anymore, because even free marketing software is powerful enough to eliminate your most tedious of tasks.

Speaking of which, we’ve identified 8 marketing automation tools that stand in front of the pack for the following categories:

  1. Automated Live Chat Software with Bots
  2. Social Media Automation and Monitoring
  3. Customer Journey Automation Software
  4. Marketing Attribution and Analytics Software
  5. Increase Your Email Open Rates using AI
  6. Open Source Marketing Automation Software
  7. Pricing Automation Software for Ecommerce
  8. Send Automated Messages Across Multiple Marketing Channels

#1. Live Chat Marketing Automation Tools

The best live chat software in 2020 allows you to proactively engage with customers and prospects in order to grow revenue, generate leads, and offer real-time support across multiple channels.

Most live chat software is only found on a company’s website. However, with OmniChat™ technology by, you can instantly talk to customers across multiple channels, whether that’s your website, SMS text messages, or the messaging apps they already use.

Having the ability to use live chat software tools on different marketing channels, all from one unified inbox, is a game-changer that only the best chatbot technology can deliver. has live chat marketing automation tools for:

#2. Social Media Marketing Automation Tools

Agorapulse is a one-stop dashboard for social media management that simplifies being able to grasp your social media metrics.

You can use AgoraPulse to better understand your audience at-a-glance and capitalize on otherwise missed opportunities with full monitoring and engagement capabilities.

Whether you like to schedule, reschedule, queue, or bulk upload your posts, AgoraPulse has plenty of options to fill your content calendar. Its queue categories allow you to store unlimited queued posts tied to particular themes.

Additionally, AgoraPulse makes it easy to export reports with key metrics and analysis on engagement and growth. Its content report lets you identify your posts that achieve the best reach, engagement, and clicks for any given period.

Lastly, AgoraPulse has publishing modal’s and built-in UTM parameters to show your marketing team’s impact on conversions and revenue. This allows you to encourage more positive engagement on your ads and put more money behind the paid advertising campaigns that are producing results.

#3. Customer Journey Marketing Automation Tools

Autopilot is a visual marketing automation tool that helps companies create journey maps for their customers. The software has multi-channel marketing capabilities including email, in-app, online, and snail-mail communications.

Autopilot allows users to customize journeys based on audience behavior, built workflows to automatically send messages through multiple channels, generated reports about journey progress, and more.

The self-service tool comes with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for users to automate workflows and set up personalized messages.

Autopilot also includes features such as measuring campaign ROI and optimizing the revenue funnel based on real-time performance. The software integrates with Salesforce and other applications like InsideView, GoodData, Zapier, Slack, and Twilio.

#4. Marketing Automation Tools for Attribution and Analytics

Platformly is a suite of tools for multi-channel marketing automation. From capturing and nurturing leads to turning them into customers and brand advocates. What Platformly does better than anything else is marketing attribution and analytics dashboards.

We like Platformly for a couple of reasons. Mainly it’s their reporting and attribution models, but also its focus on integrating other marketing tools onto the platform. And that’s because you can use the tools that are best for each job, as opposed to using one marketing automation platform for everything, which means you’ll have fewer features at your disposal for each marketing channel.

Platformly makes marketing attribution easy by precisely tracking interactions across different campaigns and channels throughout your marketing funnel. It helps you understand in detail which marketing activities drive the most sales, who your most loyal customers are, and what drives growth.

At a high-level, Platformly’s main features consist of the following:

  • Business Dashboards
  • Link Tracking
  • CRM
  • Lead Capture
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Complete Reports
  • Integrations

Use Platformly for smart tracking of your marketing efforts with interactive dashboards to measure your results. Platformly helps you better understand and optimize user interactions with your brand, from their first click to their last, converting more customers and generating more revenue.

#5. Marketing Automation Tools to Increase Email Open Rates

Automizy is an intelligence-driven email marketing platform that revolves heavily around automation. It ultimately gives users more power over their email marketing, with less work.

What Automizy does better than any other email marketing software is to increase your open rates. It does this by offering an AI-powered subject line tester, AB testing, resend, and email automation.

With Automizy, you get a fully integrated automation builder that will help guide you to create high-performing email automations. The drag-and-drop email automation builder is pretty cool, as you can see below.

Additionally, with its drag-and-drop email editor, any marketer can create high-performing emails with no programming skills required.

Automizy’s AI is, however, the platforms differentiator. It predicts the performance of your subject lines with scores based on data from over 1 million campaigns.

You can write up to 4 different subject lines for your automated emails. And its “multi-armed bandit algorithm” optimizes and sends different variations of the email that are predicted to receive the highest open rates. Once the software has identified a winner, it will only send out that variation of the email.

#6. Open Source Marketing Automation Tools

Mautic is one of a very few open-source marketing automation platforms for business that’s worth spending some time with, if you have the resources. 

Mautic’s solutions include website visitor tracking, drip campaigns, analytics, and segmentation. Businesses can use Mautic to integrate digital marketing channels to create a more seamless customer experience.

Mautic’s primary purpose is to track user behavior at an individual level. It allows the creation of a basic contact list, which can be entered manually or by users responding to online forms as part of a marketing campaign.

Furthermore, Mautic allows the creation of unique identifiers to track their behavior throughout your website. As they interact with your systems, you can gain a more clear picture of who they are, where they’re from, and how they engage with your site.

As more detailed information is gathered, marketing campaigns can be constructed through the automated creation of tailored emails and landing web pages to provide custom experiences for customers.

Mautic’s can be set up and run with no coding experience, which may not be expected of an open-source platform. Most everything is driven by forms with drop-downs and is functional right out of the box.

#7. Pricing Automation Software

Pricing your products and services is one of the most challenging exercises that companies need to continuously evaluate over time. 

Prisync is pricing software for ecommerce that helps you evaluate your competition, optimize prices for your online store, and (ideally) maximize revenue from a single dashboard.

Here’s how Prisync works…

You start by defining your product assortment and competitors. Then, add your products in bulk or one-by-one to the system including an unlimited amount of competitors. Data will then begin to flow through your dashboard.

Next, you’ll analyze your competitors’ pricing and stock availability data. Here, you can dive into your dashboard for detailed pricing movements in your market, discover historical trends, brand/category level indices, export your data into Excel files, and be notified with email alerts.

Lastly, maximize your ecommerce profits with dynamic pricing strategies. You use Prisync to set profitable & competitive dynamic pricing rules with its Pricing Module that’s built on top of the pricing software.

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#8. Marketing Tools to Send Automated Messages is an omnichannel chatbot marketing platform that instantly connects customers and prospects to brands through live chat, SMS text messaging, Facebook Messenger, and other popular messaging apps, all from one platform.’s drip campaign features for web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other popular platforms allow you to set up a sequence of messages delivered at specified intervals.

Additionally, just like mass email marketing, has an automated, reliable method of sending mass content all at once to your audiences across multiple channels.

Check out its Facebook Messenger Chat Blaster feature, as well as its SMS Blaster to see what we mean.

You don’t have to worry about coding with either, because it offers marketing templates for every industry, and is built for both tech-savvy and nontech-savvy marketers in mind. is a great way to grow your contact list and generate leads. And one of its best features, autoresponders, can turn your social post commenters into leads.

The platform is fully integrated with a Facebook Comment Guard feature that allows you to automatically add contacts to your Messenger contact list each time someone comments on your post. All you need to do is to install the comment guard on your Facebook post.

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