Meet the New (Formerly MobileMonkey)

MobileMonkey Is Now!

MobileMonkey is now! 

Why a new name? And why now? 

Our Start

When I started MobileMonkey five years ago, the original idea was to help B2C businesses use chat automations to find customers. 

At the time, we felt like we were on the cutting edge. Facebook Messenger was adding hundreds of millions users who were sending billions of messages a day. 

And Messenger marketing automation worked great for a while. But Meta was calling the shots on what we could offer our customers and they could kill our popular features at any time. It limited the extent of innovations we could create which limited the size and scope of the business we could build.

On top of that, the Messenger chat automation space was intensely competitive.

It was a tough position to be in. Still, we worked for three years to carve out a space. 

We were proud of what we built and we still are. But it wasn’t enough for a sustainable business.

Our Pivot

We needed more control over our own destiny. We had to, as business people love to say, pivot. 

B2C businesses weren’t getting enough help finding customers. I saw this first at Wordstream and then at MobileMonkey. The tools seem to be getting worse and more expensive. Our customers needed a scalable and cost-effective solution. 

Then it hit me: sales outreach automation!

We had been scaling our own targeted outbound marketing programs, stitching together an outbound marketing stack with what was available.

We learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work regarding deliverability, engagement, and conversion.

And we realized there wasn’t a great solution that provided the tools, features and data in one platform.

A sales outreach automation and data platform was where we could provide the most value.

So we got to work. 

Our Future

Today, we have a product that combines smart and intuitive sales outreach automations, the best consumer targeting data available, and the revolutionary power of AI. 

The product was a hit, an overnight success (years in the making). Since then, we’ve helped thousands of businesses find millions of customers. It’s been thrilling.

But it didn’t really seem like the type of thing a company called MobileMonkey would be doing. What did that have to do with mobile? What did it have to do with a monkey? 

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet but a company providing B2C sales outreach solutions with the name MobileMonkey just confused people.

And so: was born! Now, that’s a fitting name for a company that helps B2C companies find their customers in the most scalable, cost-effective way, outperforming digital advertising by 100x. (If I do say so myself). 

The new name reflects both the work we’re proudest of and the exciting road ahead. We hope you’ll join us – as customer or observer – on this journey. 

Find Your Customers with

See the new sales outreach automation platform. With X-Ray Website Visitor Detection and automated email and SMS outreach to help mid-market companies find their perfect customers. Request a call to learn more about sales outreach automation today!

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Be a Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys! 

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