Chatbot Tools for Facebook Messenger

WP-Chatbot is automatically connected to MobileMonkey, an easy-to-use platform for creating Facebook chatbots.

When you set up your Facebook Messenger chatbot with MobileMonkey, you:

  • Never need to write code! The visual chatbot builder uses drag-and-drop widgets.
  • Don’t need to create a new account. Just log into MobileMonkey with your Facebook account used to create your WP-Chatbot account.
  • Can activate Facebook chatbot templates — any of 14 bot templates designed for every industry and use case!

WP-Chatbot’s demo bot (in the lower right corner of this page!) uses MobileMonkey’s Free Plan.

MobileMonkey Free Chatbot Builder

MobileMonkey is free for UNLIMITED contacts and boasts a rich range of chatbot features:

  • Website Chat
  • Multi-Bot Dashboard
  • The Ultimate Chatbot Builder
  • Q&A Triggers
  • Custom Variables
  • Chatbot Templates
  • Cloning & Sharing Bots
  • Live Chat Takeover
  • Checkbox Plugin
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Link to Messenger
  • Facebook Post Private Auto-replies
  • Send to Messenger Ads (JSON)
  • Chat Blaster
  • RSS Blaster

MobileMonkey Advanced Automation for Facebook Messenger

Upgrade to MobileMonkey Pro if you want advanced features and functions:

  • Chat Forms
  • Scheduled Blasts
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Integrations
  • Scan Codes
  • Bot Analytics

MobileMonkey Pro includes up to 5,000 contacts, with additional contacts available in blocks of 20,000 contacts.

Compare MobileMonkey plans and pricing here.