Support for Safari 12

This feature is disabled, as customer chat supports safari 12 browser.

Customer Chat plugin - Support for Safari 12 has been temporarily disabled.

So We updated the WP-Chabot plugin to display "Message Us" button on Safari 12

browser usage, approximately 1% uses Safari 12 (29th October, 2018)

Demo – At this page bottom right corner, “Message Us” button. ( Similar “message Us” will appear on Safari 12 ).

and in other browser, The Customer Chat plugin appears normal way – Demo ( for original customer chat messenger – view on any browser other then Safari 12 ) 

Can change the “Message Us” button position to any place on the screen.

settings page – browser support – safari 12

If Enabled (checked) then “Message Us” button will appear on Safari 12.

This feature will be removed, when customer chat plugin supports Safari 12. 

To Display "Message Us" on Website 
- Facebook App Id have to add at plugin main settings