Load the Messenger

When to load the Messenger for the First Time Set the Messenger to load – After some Time delay – After the user scrolls down the page. From the plugin Action settings page ( WP-Chatbot -> Actions  — Load the Messenger ) By default, WP-Chabot plugin loads the messenger when page loads without any delay Select the option “Mobile” or “Desktop”, where the actions to take place. Set when to load the messenger
  • Set the time to load the Messenger. E.g: Add 30 to load messenger after 30 seconds
  • Set the Page scroll down percentage to load the Messenger E.g: Add 50 to load the messenger after user scroll down 50% of the page.
If both the page scroll values are given, then messenger will load if any of those passes. Leave the fields blank for not to take any effect based on time, page scroll.
All the other action settings will start effect only after the first time messenger is loaded. Other Action Settings: Update Greetings on Fly Show Icon – Greetings Show Greeting Dialog Hide Greeting Dialog Hide Icon Greetings