The Agency Break-Through Summit

Inside Access to the Growth-Driving Secrets of Digital Marketing Agencies in Our Changing World

February 11, 2021

Live | Worldwide

New Business & Expansion

Client Retention & Relationships

Operation Blueprints

Marketing Strategies & Performance

Recruitment & Culture

2021 is the year your marketing agency breaks through.

The world has changed.

So will you.

The right changes will catapult your marketing career and double or triple your agency revenue.

Not because you'll put in more hours.

Not because you'll hire more team members.

But because you'll learn how agency marketers, agency owners and freelancers are getting and serving more clients — without hiring more staff and burning out.

Join us Feb. 11 for the MobileMonkey Agency Break-Through Summit — a mini-summit  designed to give you the systems and solutions to scale your agency.

Why Attend MobileMonkey Break-Through Agency Summit?

Rewriting the playbook from "business as usual" to "agency break-through"

In 2020, there was no business as usual.

Consumer Behavior has shifted:

  • Consumer values have changed
  • How consumers spend time has changed
  • New communication preferences have emerged

Market Dynamics have shifted

  • Volatility in supply and demand
  • Timelines are impacted
  • Client-partner relationships are redefined

Operating Procedures are being rewritten:

  • Remote teams are the norm
  • Clients expect different involvement
  • Company values are tested

The Event Series Committed to Your Agency Break-Through

The half-day summit includes sessions focused on the three major agency growth vectors:


  • Developing scalable offerings
  • Attracting the right clients
  • Differentiating from competitors
  • Upselling and expanding contracts


  • Designing SOPs
  • Automating systems
  • Recruiting and training
  • Culture and staff retention


  • Campaign strategy and execution
  • Attribution and reporting
  • Mastering technology
  • Generating results

The Agency Break-Through Summits will help you produce successful outcomes in expansion, operations, and expertise. 

With half-day events that mean you don't need to block off a whole day to participate. Events are live with replays available for viewers around the world.

Presentations and fireside chats are taught and led by agency owners, agency marketers, and marketing experts.

Join MobileMonkey, SocialBee, and Agency Overdrive for the first-of-its-kind virtual summit series focused on the end-to-end challenges faced by marketing agencies in 2021 and beyond.

Meet The Experts

FEB 11, 2021

The Agency Break-Through Summit


New Business & Sales

isaac rudansky facebook ads speaker

Isaac Rudansky

CEO of the award-winning agency,  AdVenture Media Group

Founder of Agency Overdrive


services & deliverables

Larry Kim

3-time marketer of the year, Chief Monkey & Marketing Mad Scientist



process & Efficiencies

Ovi Negrean, SocialBee

Ovi Negrean

Chief Executive Bee, Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor


Agenda At A Glance

FEB 11, 2021

The Agency Break-Through Summit


isaac rudansky facebook ads speaker

Isaac Rudansky

CEO of the award-winning agency,  AdVenture Media Group

Founder of Agency Overdrive

Business As Unusual Keynote Q&A: Ask Award-Winning Agency Owner Isaac Rudansky

By day, Isaac Rudansky runs his award-winning paid search and paid social agency, AdVenture Media, serving clients including Forbes, Hanes, Perfumania, Sofamania, AMC Networks and more. Out of office, Isaac mentors other agency owners, agency marketers and freelancers with actionable training on everything from how to find new clients, with blueprints for business development, proposals, and case studies — to creating lasting client relationships, and becoming a brand's trusted MVP even in times of uncertainty. "How can my agency get a foot in the door at big brands?" "Are brands open to hiring new partners in the post-COVID era?" "How do I reflect changing consumer behavior to make proposals more relevant?" Your agency's growth is the star of this immediately applicable Q&A keynote.


Larry Kim

3-time marketer of the year, Chief Monkey & Marketing Mad Scientist at MobileMonkey

The Top 5 Hacks for Scaling Your Agency By Rapidly Expanding Your Expertise

They say the riches are in the niches. But land-and-expand is a power move to guaranteed growth. Larry Kim is on the front-lines of the newest marketing channels and tactics to discover what works and what scales. He's run and analyzed thousands of experiments to learn how marketing service professionals can rapidly identify high-leverage opportunities and fast-track their mastery of new channels and services to expand offerings, upsell clients and increase retainers. Whatever your current specialization, there's a path to growth in expanding your expertise waiting for you here.


Ovi Negrean, SocialBee

Ovi Negrean

Chief Executive Bee, Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor


The Scalability Secret Sauce: Scaling Your Agency with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Outsourcing

If "Standard Operating Procedures" (SOP) doesn't sound sexy to you, then maybe you haven't considered how awesome it would be to get back hours every day by creating clones of yourself and your systems. Consider the SOP the DNA of a scalable freelance or agency business. In this session, startup advisor Ovi Negrean, CEO of SocialBee, will help you take your service business's secret sauce and turn it into an assembly line powered by highly trained outsourced agents. Walk away with a clear plan for scaling your services  business using a double-whammy action plan for developing SOPs and hiring quality contractors so your agency can grow while you sleep.

What You'll Learn at The Agency Break-Through Summits

What You Will Get

  • Actionable tactics to get more clients in a post-COVID world
  • Formulas to 2-3X your capacity with your current staff
  • Methods to monetize beyond done-for-you services
  • Proven processes to gain efficiencies through automation
  • Secrets to scale results and expand services with low overhead

What You Will AVOID

  • A rotating door of in-and-out clients
  • Bespoke client projects that don't scale
  • Hiring more staff
  • Working overtime
  • Burning yourself out

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Invest In Your Agency & Fuel Your Growth

Your marketing agency can do anything.

But you can't do everything.

Learn from other marketing service professionals, agency owners and marketing experts how to scale your business in today's changing digital world.

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