Audience Creation

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Audiences are what you create from the leads that come into your bot. In order to segment the audiences you want to make sure you utilize Tags and Attributes.

Before we show you a demo let's make sure you understand the difference between Tags and Attributes..


Tags are keywords that you can attach at the top of the dialogue or above and below any widget. Now why would you want to do this? With tags you can do a few things. One is you can segment your audience and two you can see where your users are stopping your your dialogue. You can also create audiences based on tags.

You can add as many tags as you want and you can also remove tags. Now why would you want to remove a tag from someone? You may want to move someone from one audience to another. So they would get added based on the tag and removed when the tag is removed. This is also used for drip sequences. Because tags control what audience someone is in, you have control of what content they see or get access to.


Attributes are a little different but they can still be used to segment and build audiences as you will see in the example below.

Attributes are also used to capture responses from users and then display what they chose back to them. Here is a short dialogue showing how this would look.

So we are asking the user what their car color preference. You can see at the bottom it says "COLOR" This is the name of the attribute. So based on what the user types we can create three custom audiences, one for each color.

COOL TIP: You can respond back with their answer no matter what it is. This makes things a lot more personal. Take a look at what this would look like.

Now that we have the attribute in place you can see that by adding {{COLOR}} we are able to tell the users that it's a nice color. So no matter what color they choose we can always come back with the same response as their answer. Now that's ninja!

Ok here is another example of how you can use attributes.

Let's say we want to send a follow up message to everyone who chose that they were interested in a Sedan type vehicle in color RED for example.

All we have to do is go to the Lead tab. Click on the + Add filter

After you click "+ Add filter" you will be presented with the following options.

  1. Filter by tag - This will show you all of the tags you have added throughout your dialogues.
  2. Filter by attribute - This is where we will choose "vehicle type" attribute.
  3. Filter by Platform (You can choose one or all)
    1. Facebook Messenger
    2. SMS
    3. WebChat
    4. Email
    5. Instagram

Choose the attribute "Vehicle" and then type the value of "Sedan". Then hit DONE.

Click on + Add Filter to further filter those who selected RED as color.

Now hit DONE and name your your audience. Now that you have this audience what can you do with it? There are a few things and we have listed them below.

  1. You can sync your audience to Facebook for retargeting
  2. Create follow up drip sequences
  3. Use our navigate widget to redirect your audience to another dialogue
  4. Send a sponsored message
  5. Send a Chat blast (be mindful of the 24-hour rule of Meta)

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