How to Find Unicorn Content

10 Ways To Find Unicorn Content:

The infographic shows some of the most effective ways of finding the best unicorn content.

  • See Content From Top Performing Facebook Pages
  • Check the Tops From Relevant Subreddits
  • Mind Quora for FAQ
  • Use Medium To Follow Your Interests
  • Find Great Video Inspiration From YouTube and Vimeo
  • Subscribe To Relevant Industry Blogs
  • Follow Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter
  • Tap Into User Generated Content
  • See Top Performing Posts From Pinterest
  • Repurpose Your Unicorn Content

How to Find Unicorn Content

10 Best Ways Of Finding Unicorn Content

Why is it important to check for content on top performing Facebook Pages?

Top performing Facebook pages are oozing with viral news and updates all across the web. It is the best place to look for a top to write.

How can you find the best topic on Social Media?

  • Look for huge news sites and bookmark them on your Facebook account
  • Watch news aggregators
  • Always check the popular posts
  • Turn on your Google Alerts and utilize Google Reader
  • Use funny posts
  • Have your own images

What are subreddits?

Subreddits are those individual message boards that are particularly used to follow a certain topic. All of these subreddits have a beginning name which is a lowercase “r” then a slash and the name of the subreddit.

What is Quora?

It is a website where you can share and gain some knowledge. In Quora, you can ask questions, connect with people, get some answers from people who have unique thoughts and wonderful answers.

What are the tips for finding a relevant topic using Quora?

  • Make an optimal Quora profile
  • Keep notifications on for several topics
  • Find the best answer to questions
  • Answer a question
  • Re-answer those questions who already have answered on your blog
  • Build a Quora page dedicated only to your business
  • Research on a specific topic
  • Look for unique headline ideas
  • Analyze Quora stats

What is Medium?

Medium is an online publishing platform which was first developed by Evan Williams. It is built for people, quality, original ideas, clean reading experience, engagement & depth,and viewpoints.

How can you use Medium in following your interests?

  • Follow Users
  • Follow Publications
  • Follow topics like tech, politics, music, sports, music, travel, media, cryptocurrency and space.

What are the tips for finding a great video using YouTube and Vimeo?

  • Utilize search operators
  • Utilize channels and playlists
  • Search YouTube outside of YouTube

How can you use Twitter conversation in finding unicorn content?

  • Type in the search bar ‘#hashtag-filter:links’ to get real time discussion of people

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content is types of content placed by unpaid contributors. It can either be a blog post, pictures, tweets, videos, testimonials, or anything that users use to promote a brand.

Why is it best to use User-generated content to look for content ideas?

  • It encourages a number of engagements
  • It gives more SEO value
  • It reassures the purchase decisions of consumers

How can you use Pinterest in finding unicorn content?

  • Search for a broad keyword
  • Search for topics which have a lot of pins and take note

How can you repurpose your unicorn content?

  • Turn webinars into video tutorials
  • Turn slideshow into Infographics
  • Turn statistics into twitter posts
  • Turn blog posts into tips newsletter
  • Turn blog post into a podcast
  • Turn old blog posts to guides
  • Turn internal data to case studies
  • Turn PowerPoint Presentation to Slidedeck
  • Turn interviews to expert advice eBook
  • Turn visual content to Pinterest Board
  • Turn Quora Q&A into Blog Post

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