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The Importance of Chatbots in Every Business

Importance of Chatbots:

The infographic below states the importance of chatbots for business.

  • The global Chatbot market is expected to grow exponentially between 2016-2023. – Credence Research
  • 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020. – Gartner
  • 32% of executives say voice recognition is the most widely used AI technology in their business. – Narrative Science
  • 6 billion connected devices will proactively ask for support by 2018 – Gartner
  • 44% of executives believe artificial intelligence’s most important benefit is “automated communications that provide data that can be used to make decisions.” – Narrative Science
  • By the end of 2018, “customer digital assistants” will recognize customers by face and voice across channels and partners. – Gartner
  • 40% of mobile interactions will be managed by smart agents by 2020. – Gartner
  • 10k+ developers are building chatbots in Facebook Messenger. – Facebook

chatbots for business

The Importance of Chatbots In Every Business

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program specifically designed to communicate with human users over the Internet.

Where are chatbots used?

  • Online ordering
  • Product suggestions
  • Customer support
  • Weather
  • Personal Finance Assistance
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Search and Track Flights
  • News
  • Send Money
  • Find a Restaurant

What are the benefits of using chatbots For Your Business?

  • Chatbots are available 24/7
  • Chatbots are good in handling customers
  • Chatbots help save money
  • Chatbots provide customer satisfaction
  • Chatbots help you avoid repetitive work

Why Should Marketers Care about Facebook Messenger Chatbots

What are some Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing hacks

  • Live operator takeover: Take over the conversation at any time!
  • Facebook ads: 3-5x higher conversion rates on your Facebook ads
  • Contact manager: Collect extensive data on all contacts, including name, location and more.
  • Website plugins: Add features like an opt-in checkbox on forms and website popups.
  • Chat blasting: Like email blasting but through chat, so email marketing on steroids!
  • Contact hack: Get user information for all bot users.
  • Q&A: Automatically answer common business questions.

Who will manage customer interactions by 2020?

It is predicted that customer interactions by 2020 will be managed without the help of humans. Artificial Intelligence will most likely be used in the coming years.

What is AI technology?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to create intelligent machines that has the capability of working and reacting like humans.

What is the most used AI technology?

Voice recognition is the most used AI technology today, says 32% of executives.

What is voice recognition?

Voice recognition is the computer’s way of analyzing the human voice, particularly used to interpret words, phrases and identifying a person’s voice.

What are the advantages of AI technology?

  • Error Reduction
  • Difficult Exploration
  • Daily Application
  • Digital Assistants
  • Reduces repetitive jobs

Why should marketers start using AI Technology?

As there data availability for consumer-facing platforms like blogs, voice recognition, social media rises, marketers should learn to use AI to easily sort out data instead of doing it manually and spend your valuable time instead on capitalizing the resulting insights.

What is the most important benefit of artificial intelligence?

The most important benefit of Artificial Intelligence to humans is automated communications that provide data that can be used to make decisions.

What will happen by the end of 2018 with the “customer digital assistants?

By the of 2018, customer digital assistants will recognize customers by face and voice across channels and partners.

What is a customer digital assistant?

A customer digital assistant is an AI-powered technology that helps customers with their concerns.

Who are smart agents?

Smart agents are another term used to describe artificial intelligence technology. They are expected to take over mobile interactions by 40% this coming 2020.

Where do developers mostly build chatbots?

There are about 10k developers building chatbots in Facebook Messenger and the number continues to grow each year.

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