7 leadership traits and qualities

7 Leadership Traits and Qualities You Might Not Know You Have

Leadership Superpowers:

The infographic below states the characteristics of a good leader that you might not know you have.

  • Empathy
  • Optimism
  • Forgiveness
  • Altruism
  • Eloquence
  • Discernment
  • Modesty

leadership traits and qualities infographic

7 Leadership Superpowers You Might Not Know You Have FAQ

What is leadership?

Leadership is an act of leading a group of people, organization or a country.

How to be a leader?

To become a leader, you do not need to be elected as an official or become a CEO of a large company. You can even become a leader if people start to follow your trends and ideas.

Can anyone become a leader?

If you ask someone to define the meaning of “leader”, they would say that it’s a person in charge of a team, company or political party. However, that is not entirely true. Everyone can be a leader as long as you have the right quality and skills that you can put into everyday life. With that, you can definitely become a great leader.

Why is leadership important?

Leadership is a management skill that will help maximize the organizational and efficiency of work to help achieve one’s goal.

Why are leadership skills important?

Good leaders need to have a strong facilitation of skills to manage the group accordingly. They need these skills to make the right decisions in support of solving problems and strategy delivery.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the leader’s ability to understand the feelings of others and relate to their thoughts and experiences.

Why do you need empathy to become a good leader?

Empathy is fundamental to leadership. Once a leader has empathy, they can show to their followers that they will obtain needs and achievements. Leaders need this so they can be aware of others as well as their needs.

What is optimism?

Optimism is the leader’s confidence which results to success in the future. It helps in boosting productivity, employee morale, and overcoming conflict.

How can optimism contribute in becoming a good leader?

Optimistic leaders help in transforming its constituents. These kind of leaders are also able to paint the future’s attainable view for their followers.

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is an act or process of forgiving something. It is one of the most vital components of leadership.

How can forgiveness make you a better leader?

Leaders who forgive can foster better service for a brighter future. Leaders who portray forgiveness are firm and accountable.

What is altruism?

Altruism is an act of caring for others. You want the people around you to feel and perform better. This skill is particularly important to become a good leader.

What is Eloquence?

It is the person’s ability to speak and write fluently, a skill that every leader should possess.

Why is it necessary to have discernment as an ability if you want to become a good leader?

Discernment or the ability to comprehend and clearly evaluate things is a very important ability to become a good leader because it allows you to see the nature of things. This is an intangible quality that can never be taught but is developed over time.

Why is modesty important in leadership?

Modesty or your ability to let work speak for itself is very important to become a good leader. A modest leader openly accepts criticism and understands the limits of their constituents.

1 thought on “7 Leadership Traits and Qualities You Might Not Know You Have”

  1. virginia toupin

    Wonderful article :-), I agree with your summary of the characteristics of a good leader. Unfortunately, many sub-par leaders are missing many these characteristics. My favorites are empathy and modesty. Thank you

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